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Call for Papers

CFP - Teaching religious education: challenges, developments and perspectives in a plural world

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Hamburg, 9th and 10th December 2021 Religious education is today at the center of attention and of the political-educational agenda in many states. Far from being an established question, it requires continuous adaptation to changes and new social, political, cultural and identity configurations, taking into account the polysemic interaction between global and local. The purpose of the conference is to understand what the challenges and directions of religious education are in multiple national contexts, through a plurality of disciplinary approaches - historical, anthropological, pedagogical, didactic, theological, sociological, psychological, etc. - in order to problematize the role, purposes, teaching methodologies and techniques, teaching tools, teacher training, school programs of the discipline in the curricular field in a globalized world, where the religious re-emerges through new and unprecedented configurations - often in its most problematic version - but where, at the same time and paradoxically, religious illiteracy is rampant among the new generations (Moore, 2007). Precisely in order to analyze the complex interactions between identities and religious education as a school discipline, PhD students, young researchers, university professors, experts in the discipline are invited to present their contributions which must focus on a time frame between the beginning of the twentieth century and our days, on the topics listed above, and in general on the religious education at school and the inseparable link of this discipline with the plural identities and intercultural competences required in a global world. To this end, interdisciplinary proposals and comparative analyzes are welcome and encouraged. Possibilità di partecipazione anche da remoto. Deadline 30 giugno 2021. Dettagli per partecipare alla call nel file CALL FOR PAPER_Teaching religious education_def