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Congress "Society, education and elites"

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Data: 17 Agosto 2017

Congress "Society, education and elites"




The International Congress on «Society, education and elites. Historical Perspectives from the Enlightenment to the Digital Era» focuses on the relationship between society, education from the viewpoint that society (public discourse, parties, States, government systems, etc.) as well as education (universities, primary and secondary schools, vocational training, higher education, etc.) make up their own systems. Special attention is paid to the way in which the different historical processes of secularisation, industrialisation, modernisation, digitalisation, etc. have created various ways in which education systems train who serve the social system. Likewise, the Digital Era shows a context in which elites struggle for their own education spaces in the midst of a pedagogical imaginarium profoundly influenced by the education meta-narrative contained in liquid modernity (Bauman) or hypermodernity (Lipovetsky) since the turn of the century.


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