This conference builds on the IRSCL 2019 panel “Breaking the silence. Teaching children’s literature at tertiary level” which was held in Stockholm on 16th August 2019.
During that panel, scholars from around the world shared approaches to teaching children’s literature and it was clear that there was strong interest in the topic, and a thirst for further discussion. It creates a space for wider and deeper discussion about how we teach Children’s Literature in university settings.
It aims to foster dialogue and collaborations among children’s literature scholars from different disciplines and contexts. We look forward to meeting you and fostering dialogue about the way we teach children’s literature at universities.
The Fostering Dialogue Organising Committee Marnie Compagnaro (University of Padua, Italy), Nicola Daly (University of Waikato, New Zealand) and Kathy Short (University of Arizona, United States of America).
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