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Summer School Using Theory in the History of Education: 24-28 giugno 2024, Università di Groningen

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Data: 24 Giugno 2024

Summer School Using Theory in the History of Education, dal 24 al 28 giugno 2024 presso l'Università di Groningen

Theories and theoretical perspectives are key to historical research: the perspectives and the concepts chosen affect research design, interpretations and results. Despite this, historians (of education, childhood, psychology etc.) may express a certain ambivalence towards the application of theory, opting for “empirical” rather than “theoretically-informed” studies. As such positions indicate, there are certainly a wide range of ways in which theory is understood, appreciated, and consequently applied.

In this summer school, scholars from the humanities and social sciences from Netherlands, Belgium and the Nordics will hold lectures, lead seminars and workshops that provide a unique opportunity to not only broaden your theoretical horizon, but also to explore the various ways in which theoretical perspectives can be applied in your own research projects.

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